Policy Design In A Nutshell

To be effective policy must be well designed, formulated and executed. This short paper is about some basic principles in policy design: it contains some explanation and several handy checklists.

The policy cycle can be split up in several steps with a policy issue as home base. Once you have identified, defined and analyses the policy issue the next step is to select the best solution to solve the issue. Then you need to implement the solution, and to monitor the progress and effectivity of the implementation. And finally you must assess if the solution has solved the issue or that more needs to be done.

In all policy design it is essential to pay attention to: the relevance of the issue and justification of the intervention; the plausibility that DOing will result in GETting the desired outcome and the feasibility of the intervention.

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Vlaming, Willem de (2017). Policy Design In A Nutshell. Aalsmeer: WdV-Advies. [op: www.wdv-advies.com ] LINK