Professional Effectiveness and Reflective Practice

Effectiveness as practice

To be effective is the job of the knowledge worker. Whether he or she works in a business or in a hospital, in a government agency or in a labor union, in a university or in the army, the knowledge worker is, first of all, expected to get the right things done. And this simply means the knowledge worker is expected to be effective.

(Peter Drucker)

Professional effectiveness is not a gift but a habit. It is a practice that can be learned and developed. It is requires the desire to be effective. It requires the desire to become more effective in being effective. It requires reflection on planning, action and result. Professional effectiveness as a habit is the pot of gold that can be reached by hard continuous hard work.


Supporting professional development of knowledge workers is all about stimulating and facilitating their reflective practice— based on their intrinsic individual or collective motivation. The motivation and desire to be as effective as can be in their contribution to the performance of the organization they work for, and the society they live in.

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Vlaming, Willem de (2017). Professional Effectiveness and Reflective Practice Aalsmeer: WdV-Advies. [op: ] LINK