Mastering Professional Writing

Knowledge workers tend to overload texts with information, forgetting to delete non-essential details. Professional writing requires the skill to declutter information in accordance with the text goal and the needs of sometimes anonymous readers. This means that writing as a professional isn’t about putting into words all you know about your specialist subject. Professional writing is about being in control of the writing process and outcome. Making sure your texts as effective as possible. Professional writing is not about writing what you know, but knowing what to write.




  • The writer and the reader

  • Proficiency in writing

  • Writing Skills

    • Writing in a professional context

    • Text plan and text quality

    • Text structure

    • Substantiating claims

    • Wording

  • Professional writing in five steps


Full text

Vlaming, Willem de (2017) Mastering Professional Writing. The Basics. A concise reference for professionals and students. Aalsmeer: WdV-Advies. [op:] LINK